About AFRIKart

AFRIKart Gallerie Ltd is a virtual gallery established in 2004. AFRIKart operates through commissions and regular exhibitions. Since its incorporation, there have been several successful exhibitions across a number of galleries in London.  (A list of the exhibitions and venues is shown elsewhere on the website).

AFRIKart is involved in managing, commissioning and developing relationships with well-known as well as up and coming artists. Most of these artist originate or live on the African continent. So whilst most of the artists are from the wider African diaspora, it is not exclusively so. One of our favourite artists is of Indian origin and lives in Scotland.

Kwame Akuffo, the founder believes that life without passion is not worth living.  AFRIKart is thus about passion, creativity and beauty. Kwame collects commissions and exhibits works by the artists he works with. These are artist based in the UK, Benin, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Sudan and Togo and Nigeria. The artists we have chosen to work with are people whose works show great passion, complexity and creativity; the works are universal in what they express and speak well of the humanity of the continent.While different and diverse,  the standards are suh that these pieces can enrich the great living spaces or boardroom across Africa, Europe and the rest of the world.

The idea for the business emerged from a series of management workshops that Kwame ran in Ghana many years ago at which he had a chance encounter with a well-known Ghanaian painter, Larry Otoo. Since then, Kwame has cajoled, commissioned, supported and built up continuing relationships with a team of artists from right across East and West Africa and now in the UK as well.

The exhibitions started as summer soirees for friends and acquaintances in a garden in Chiswick, West London  in the late 1990’s.