Artist: Bruce Chidovori

Bruce ChidovoriBruce Chidovori was born in 1977, raised in the second biggest city in Zimbabwe called Bulawayo (City of Kings) and now lives in London with his family where he runs his art consultancy business supplying artwork to both private and commercial collectors.

Private Collectors: US, Dublin, Africa, Australia, and the UK.

Commercial Collectors: in the UK are St. Edward Homes for their 375 Kensington High Street Apartments.

“I have a highly obsessional interest in social policy, crime, politics, equality, life, love and what this all means for all or some of us. As such my triggers to paint would be a combination of what I observe happening around the world and me. Using abstract to express my views allows what I have to say remain objective where the viewer can arrive at an independent conclusion, generating change of perspective, philosophically, aesthetically and politically”.

Feelings and emotions evoked by the big and small issues in life; be it personal or international issues we face on a day-to-day basis tend to influence the subject matters of his work.

“I see artists such as Kandinsky, Pollock, Bacon and Duchamp as revolutionaries for they acknowledge that boundaries are to be pushed”.

Some of  his paintings:[BMo_scrollGallery id=4 sG_thumbPosition=left sG_images=1 duration=slow gallery_width=600 gallery_height=400 thumbs_width=100 thumbs_height=100 sG_caption=1 sG_start=1 sG_loop=1 sG_loopThumbs=1 sG_clickable=1 sG_opacity=40 sG_area=200 sG_scrollSpeed=2 sG_autoScroll=0 sG_aS_stopOnOver=1 sG_diashowDelay=0 sG_followImages=1 sG_responsive=1 ]