Artist: Professor Ato Delaquis

Ato DelequisProfessor Ato Delaquis – a veteran of the modern art movement in Ghana, a great teacher and art professor.  Born in Cape coast in 1945, Professor Delaquis until a couple of years ago was the Dean of the College of Art at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana). Ato Delaquis is one of Ghana’s foremost artists.  Well known for his iconic paintings of horsemen, as well landscapes and more abstract work, he is also a prolific draughtsman, and has worked in a wide variety of media including printmaking.

Delaquis work has just been celebrated with a rare retrospective of his drawings (from 1957, when he was 12, to 1977) at the National Museum in Accra.

Ato Delaquis has exhibited extensively in West Africa and internationally.

“Delaquis has been both a prolific painter and an influential educator within Ghana.  He is inspired by the rich and tragic history of his continent, the clash between the traditional and the modern but his starting point is always aesthetic.  His focus has always been local and whilst he has gained international recognition he has never courted it – insisting that an artist must first establish his name with his or her local audience. “…the practice of an art is merely a reflection of the life and vision of the artist, if he has been honest with his creativity.  Therefore, whether he makes a name or not is immaterial.  What matters is whether the creativity made him a better person or not. “Ato Delaquis: Ask Art (June, 2014)”. 

An artistic national treasure.

Some of  his paintings:

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